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How to Web Conference 2022


The Experience


At How to Web 2022, you will have direct access to a networking app that streamlines the process of connecting with the most suitable professionals. There will also be dedicated networking areas where you can meet with future collaborators, business partners or even investors.

networking at how to web

Business Meetings

Are you an investor chasing the next European unicorn? Book an investor ticket and get access to the full list of startups registered, and we’ll set 1:1 sessions with your favourites.

How to Web thrives with startup electricity and the potential is top class.

Expo Area

Innovative businesses, dynamic startups, top-notch tech companies — find them all in the event’s expo area and discover the industry pulse from within. What are the next ideas to startle the future or what groundbreaking solutions are other companies preparing, you can find out first at How to Web Conference 2022.

Expo Area How to Web 2022

Q & A Stage

Global Experts in product, growth and innovation are joining us at the event, and they are just as eager as you to have their professional perspectives challenged. Be all eyes and years during the speakers’ talks and they will be more than happy to answer your questions during the Q & A sessions.

Startup Stage

Do you want to witness innovation being born? Then there’s no better place than the Startup Stage at the leading startup & innovation conference in Eastern Europe.


That’s right — join us at How to Web Conference 2022 and you’ll be amazed by the most dynamic ideas and pitches from soon-to-be tech stars.

startup stage how to web 2022

Events on the Web

This September, we’re spreading our web on the entire local innovation ecosystem, so you can have a bunch of things to do before, during, and after How to Web Conference 2022.


Stay tuned for networking, innovation or just-for-fun events from our community and partners during the How to Web week.

Events on the Web

Snacking Area

All that food for thought with no fuel? Have no fear, you will have a bunch of food options in the event’s snacking area, just enough to fuel your innovation appetite.

snaking area how to web

Official Party

There’s no innovation without a little celebration — we’re gathering all the How to Web crowd to party, mingle and have all the fun after an intense conference.

party how to web

The Conference

Prepare to have your ideas elevated, you know how supercharged, and your perspective uplifted by global expertise. Leading experts in product, growth and innovation will step up on this stage to their industry secrets.

Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Innovation Experience

How to Web Conference 2022 is more than a conference — it's an innovation celebration where you can learn, connect & party!

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