Startup Programs Manager

Manager of the Orange Fab Romania program, facilitating collaborations between innovative startups and Orange.

Creating partnerships between innovative startups and corporations

Monica Obogeanu is the Startup Programs Manager for Orange Fab Romania – a corporate accelerator facilitating commercial partnerships between innovative startups and Orange.

In her role, she coordinates Orange Romania’s involvement in the Innovation Labs pre-accelerator, leading the company’s collaboration with startup communities all around the country.

Her accelerator team is constantly looking for Romanian startups to help them scale internationally, through assistance and giving them the levers needed to gain access to customers.

A Computer Science graduate with a passion for creating products, Monica has been involved in the Romanian startup ecosystem since 2011.

During her years in the industry, she has brought useful products to market as a Product Manager at MozaicLabs, developing eventrix.co, a platform supporting speakers and event organizers to shape the future through knowledge sharing.

Monica has gained knowledge and practical experience in multiple roles, working in various contexts, nurturing her love for the startup world as Community Manager & COO of How to Web, developing the first programs of Startup Spotlight, MVP Academy and organizing the first European conference dedicated to startup accelerators – Accelerator Assembly, Madrid 2014.

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